Thank you for attending our MWUG August Meetup at Madlab

It was brilliant to have such a great turnout at this months Manchester WordPress User Group Meetup (MWUG), especially with it being the August holiday season! So thank you again to everyone who attended this Wednesday, to all the new faces and the usual ones too.

Also thank you to @GurbirSingh for our very first MWUG, streamed on Periscope. If you would like to see this stream Gurbir very kindly uploaded it to YouTube for us, click here to see MWUG stream

Latest update – WordPress 4.6 “Pepper”

This months meetup kicked off by the announcement of the WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” Update which Mike Little deemed to be a ‘relatively safe’ update. Some of the features of this update include:

  • Managing plugins and themes will now be much faster
  • Native font systems mean your site text (at least the admin screens) will be faster on a slow connection and render better on mobile phones
  • It now auto detects if a URL has the correct syntax
  • Disaster recovery mode is now improved, a copy of your post will be saved and it happens more often

A lot of the changes in WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” are under the hood this time to cater for the future of WordPress, we’re hoping for front end editors in future!

Photograph of Mike Little teaching
Mike Little MWUG August 16

Plugin announcements

This month we announced the new A11y plugin, which scans your site for accessibility features. Also the Customize Snapshots plugin allows you to save snapshots of where you are and gives you a scheduling to go live feature. have released browser notification features too. Lastly WPSiteSync is another great migration tool and you don’t need access to both databases to use it.

August MWUG Speakers

Thank you to Keith Hyde for kicking off the August talks with demonstration of how to use the popular BackUpWordPress Plugin by HumanMade. Our second talk of night welcomed back Tim Nash with his talk on security and TLS certificates.

Photograph of attendees at MWUG August 16
MWUG August 2016

WordCamp announcements

The next upcoming event WordCamp Belfast taking place on the 1st-2nd October. Shortly after will be our hometown WordCamp Manchester on the 22nd-23rd October followed by WordCamp Edinburgh in November.

WordPress Clinic

Every month we hold a WordPress clinic where you can bring your laptops in if you want and get help from fellow MWUG members. This month we saw many problems successfully resolved. Thank you to Tim Nash for his help on the WordPress Genesis Framework. Also to Tom J Nowell for his problem solving on custom post type navigation. To Kayleigh Thorpe for her help on WordPress security. The reports back from those helped were all positive. If you are involved in WordPress of any level of technical ability get yourself down to MWUG and join in with the community. We are always happy to meet new people, make connections and help out where we can!

Photograph of MWUG August Attendees
MWUG August Attendees

We’re here at Madlab every third Wednesday of the month. See you in September!


Next Meeting 19th May 2010

The next MWUG meeting will be held at Manchester Digital Laboratory , aka MadLab, on Wednesday 19th May 2010. Time: 7pm to 9pm-ish.

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned WordPress user, or even if you are just thinking of using WordPress, please come along and meet a friendly bunch of people who are willing to help with problems you may have, or just to chat about WordPress.

On the agenda this month:

  • WordCampUK catchup
    • Tickets
    • Bank Account
    • Friday Social
    • Chi-Chi’s email
    • Delegate pack
  • WordPress on mobile
  • WP 3.0
  • Custom Post types
  • I’m looking for suggestions:

Please add any agenda suggestions to the comments.