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MWUG Meetup events include two talk spots.

One is intended for any non-technical topic broadly related to WordPress as a purpose driven CMS platform. So that might be anything from various methods of content creation and marketing to design or management and productivity.

A second spot is for a more technical level directly related to WordPress development or other more in-depth topics such as analytics or integrations etc.

We invite you to leave topic ideas and volunteer to speak on any of them in the comments below. We are not seeking experts – simply shared knowledge and experience on any level.

If you’re interested in speaking, let us know, we’re always on the look out for new people

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Non-Technical Talk Ideas

  • woocommerce/ecommerce
  • comic sans
  • responsive images
  • security
  • payment gateways
  • general on plugins ( jetpack)
  • performance / troubleshooting plugins
  • managing hosting / vps
  • integrating yoast seo with GA and GWT
  • using genesis frameworks (and others) beginner/tech
  • freelancer advice starting, costing etc. etc…
  • unorthodox uses of wp eg. crm/maillist/ias/lms
  • alternatives to ACF
  • hooks actions/filters
  • the loop
  • outsourcing how who
  • wordpress api
  • migration from dev to live
  • chassis
  • evening about me!! tips!
  • your first plugin via codex
  • workflow team collab tools etc. non-profit and commercial
  • foundation press – framework
  • marketing – pr
  • social media
  • video marketing
  • email marketing
  • membership sites/users
  • mobile / responsive

Technical Talk Ideas

  • vvv cheat sheet
  • wordpress database what’s built in, what can be cleaned etc.
  • git
  • subversion
  • best practices around premium plugin development.
  • facebook api

7 thoughts on “Talk ideas”

  1. Few ideas for talks I could cover around;

    – SEO (enormous experience in this area)
    – PPC (I’m Google AdWords qualified)
    – Google Analytics (I’m Google Analytics qualified)
    – WooCommerce / Ecommerce in general
    – Email marketing / MailChimp

    1. All of the above would be great (except maybe PPC which although I don’t know much about, isn’t of much interest at the moment). If I had to choose one, it’d be WooCommerce followed by MailChimp as a close second. There are things in Google Analytics I would love to learn more about though to use it more effectively (such as using unique identifiers, setting targets, measuring conversion rates and linking up email tracking with GA to track the route that subscribers take through a website after opening an email)

  2. I’m interested in knowing about finding relevant images on Creative Commons, best ways to include images in posts, with fast loading and low file sizes.

    1. Great stuff, I have knowledge about CC licensed images (i.e. images that are free to use, sometimes even commercially) and can certainly cover the other points such as saving images for web and best practices when publishing.

  3. About Talk ideas: Some of the topics are not clear. My interests are: easier ways to comment on the site, making my website mobile-friendly, tracking traffic, setting goals, best use of social media, video blogging, help with logo/web design

    Suggestions: It would be good to have short video tutorials here on the questions asked at MWUG meets.

    PS: I’m unable to leave comments here by clicking on the WP icon. After entering username and password, the pop up window closes, but I cannot post a comment without entering the email again. If I open in a separate tab, it shows that I’m logged in. (I’ve used a different profile to try options in commenting)

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I like the idea of posting video tutorials, I’d like to get started putting more of those out my self so if I ever cover a topic I will consider creating a video tutorial to go with it.

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