2017 Call for speakers

Ever thought about speaking at an event? Perhaps you’d like to gain experience talking at MWUG in 2017? MWUG Manchester WordPress User Group is a small friendly crowd of around 40/50 people and we are always looking for new contributors and fresh ideas. We are based at Madlab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and meet every third Wednesday of the month

You don’t have to be a WordPress developer or a designer! Everyone is welcome. If you are a WordPress user and have a favourite plugin that you’d like to tell the world about or a theme that you like, we would love to hear about it!

If you know you would like to speak but are stuck for ideas we have some ideas Non WordPress based talks are welcomed too. Apply to speak at MWUG 2017

Photograph of MWUG Attendees

October MWUG Meetup highlights – Thanks for coming!

Another great month of talks at our October MWUG Meetup! This month we saw Sue Fernandes and Rob Blake take the stage to talk Woocommerce and roots.io. We’ve already received great feedback from some of our attendees on the talks so a big thank you to Sue and Rob, we really enjoyed it!

Latest WordPress announcements

The start of the evening saw Mike announce the latest WordPress news. WPTavern is a great resource for anyone looking to keep up to date with WordPress.

WordPress Translation Day

After the success of the first ever WordPress Translation Day which MWUG members took part in and arranged earlier this year, Polyglots team have a announced a second Global WordPress Translation Day to take place in November 

REST API updates

The WordPress REST API team announced a proposal to merge the API endpoints into the WordPress 4.7 release. To see more about this visit WordPress.org

WordCamp Manchester

Well done to the organisers! WordCamp Manchester 2016, held on Saturday 22nd October at MMU went to plan. It was executed brilliantly so thank you to the organisers. A great place for the community to meet and enjoy talks from WordPress users and experts around the globe and also provides a chance to give back with contributor day. Thanks to Claire and her fellow organisers for a very memorable event. We look forward to next year.

…and onto the rest of the evening

Headshot of Sue Fernandes

Sue Fernandes kicked off with the first talk of the night ‘How to set up a Woocommerce site in 20 mins’. Sue is a WordPress Specialist, specialising in custom themes, training, WordPress maintenance and rebranding. She often gets involved with us at MWUG and is very easy to talk to. A perfect example of the type of person you will meet by joining us and another great reason to come along and get that help you’ve been after!

Finally Rob Blake gave a presentation on Roots.io, and how you can use it’s open-source tools for WordPress development. He used Trellis to create a WordPress LEMP stack, along with Bedrock (WordPress project boilerplate) and the Sage WordPress theme that comes with Roots.

Rob demonstrated the power of using Bedrock to set up his three areas – development, staging and production. He also gave a live demonstration of Ansible – a deployment tool for creating and managing servers using his own pre-set configuration. Rob used this powerful tool to set his server up at the click of a button and coupled with the site he developed in roots he had created a server with WordPress in a very short session.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 16th November 2016 at Madlab Manchester

Recap of our September MWUG Meetup at Madlab

A quick recap of our September MWUG Meetup, WordPress announcements and everything else we covered at last month. Thanks to all the new faces that came along and to the regulars too. We’re lucky to have such a great community at Manchester WordPress User Group. If you need help with WordPress or simply want to network with WordPress users, developers and contributors then come along. Our next meetup will be October 19th

WordPress announcements

At the September MWUG meetup Mike explained some of the new features coming to WordPress in more detail. Starting with WordPress 4.7 to soon be allowing 255-character passwords for protected pages and posts. This update affects password protected posts and pages only.

He also gave us the update on Headway themes, a WordPress premium theme, layout builder. Headway recently ran into financial problems, causing their customers concern over the lack of communication. Read more about HeadWay themes here. The advice is to be aware of smaller players for this reason.

A quick mention… Congratulations to Gitlab! If you are unaware of who Gitlab are, they are a rival to Github and recently raised 20 million for Series B funding. This is a huge achievement considering it was only a year ago Gitlab raised 4 million for series A funding.

Mike also mentioned Google Chrome. How they have also announced the soon to be added security warning to HTTP sites beginning in 2017. With Chrome growing in popularity this is something to think about if you haven’t already.

Extras worth mentioning:

  • Jetpack 4.3 recent released. Featuring a brand new interface with faster management of your favourite features
  • GoDaddy acquired ManageWP. The reactions so far haven’t been as positive as expected however Mike advised to wait and find out this. It’s great to see employees being paid to contribute back to WordPress.
  • GoDaddy has also partnered with Beaver Builder
  • Dennis Cooper relaunches on WordPress and can be found at denniscooperblog.com This is great news for WordPress. WPTavern are quoted as saying “Cooper should still be in possession of his content without fear of it being erased.”

The advice to anyone in this situation is to make sure you own your own content where possible. To go for an Opensource website builder such as WordPress. Also to take your own backups

September MWUG talk

Thank you to Kayleigh Thorpe, WordPress Support Specialist at hosting company 34SP.com for her advice on how to stage your site. Kayleigh talked us through the cloning stages, creating a subdomain, using the Velvet Blues plugin and she also touched on how to migrate your site. Her talk was informative, easy to follow and brought up some questions. Feel free to contact Kayleigh via Twitter for her slides

If you try this at home and you find problems such as your database being too large, ask your host and they will import it for you. Also another attendee asked about the importance of staging. If you have the option to stage your site always do so. Avoid making changes to your live site wherever possible.

Graphic of a stethoscope

WordPress clinic

Our WordPress clinic is the section of the evening where you get to ask about anything you need help with and advice is volunteered by someone within the group. In September MWUG we got help for a diverse range of questions.

Among some of the questions were queries about how to add a PayPal cart to your WordPress website, best plugins for booking appointments, how to optimise a image heavy site and help with the Genesis framework. If you ever need advice on your site feel free to bring your laptop along and ask away. We are a very enthusiastic group and we are always happy to help.

Come and join us on the 19th of October at Madlab Manchester

Photograph of MadLab logo wall art

Thank you for attending our MWUG August Meetup at Madlab

It was brilliant to have such a great turnout at this months Manchester WordPress User Group Meetup (MWUG), especially with it being the August holiday season! So thank you again to everyone who attended this Wednesday, to all the new faces and the usual ones too.

Also thank you to @GurbirSingh for our very first MWUG, streamed on Periscope. If you would like to see this stream Gurbir very kindly uploaded it to YouTube for us, click here to see MWUG stream

Latest update – WordPress 4.6 “Pepper”

This months meetup kicked off by the announcement of the WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” Update which Mike Little deemed to be a ‘relatively safe’ update. Some of the features of this update include:

  • Managing plugins and themes will now be much faster
  • Native font systems mean your site text (at least the admin screens) will be faster on a slow connection and render better on mobile phones
  • It now auto detects if a URL has the correct syntax
  • Disaster recovery mode is now improved, a copy of your post will be saved and it happens more often

A lot of the changes in WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” are under the hood this time to cater for the future of WordPress, we’re hoping for front end editors in future!

Photograph of Mike Little teaching
Mike Little MWUG August 16

Plugin announcements

This month we announced the new A11y plugin, which scans your site for accessibility features. Also the Customize Snapshots plugin allows you to save snapshots of where you are and gives you a scheduling to go live feature. WordPress.com have released browser notification features too. Lastly WPSiteSync is another great migration tool and you don’t need access to both databases to use it.

August MWUG Speakers

Thank you to Keith Hyde for kicking off the August talks with demonstration of how to use the popular BackUpWordPress Plugin by HumanMade. Our second talk of night welcomed back Tim Nash with his talk on security and TLS certificates.

Photograph of attendees at MWUG August 16
MWUG August 2016

WordCamp announcements

The next upcoming event WordCamp Belfast taking place on the 1st-2nd October. Shortly after will be our hometown WordCamp Manchester on the 22nd-23rd October followed by WordCamp Edinburgh in November.

WordPress Clinic

Every month we hold a WordPress clinic where you can bring your laptops in if you want and get help from fellow MWUG members. This month we saw many problems successfully resolved. Thank you to Tim Nash for his help on the WordPress Genesis Framework. Also to Tom J Nowell for his problem solving on custom post type navigation. To Kayleigh Thorpe for her help on WordPress security. The reports back from those helped were all positive. If you are involved in WordPress of any level of technical ability get yourself down to MWUG and join in with the community. We are always happy to meet new people, make connections and help out where we can!

Photograph of MWUG August Attendees
MWUG August Attendees

We’re here at Madlab every third Wednesday of the month. See you in September!


WordPress Translation Day 2016

Sunday, April 24th marks the occasion where WordPress users around the world unite to contribute to the development of WordPress. This day is about making WordPress fun and accessible to everyone of all backgrounds and languages. The day where we join together all over the world to help WordPress grow and most importantly to have fun doing it!

WordPress itself has been translated into over 160 languages with over 5000 people worldwide contributing to the translation of different elements of WordPress. The Polyglot team created WordPress Translation Day with the intention of holding events in major cities around the globe; banding together for one day only to increase knowledge on how to translate WordPress. There will be a 24 hour live stream of selected speakers from different countries teaching you how to translate in your own language, which we will be screening here in Manchester, UK.

We are more than happy to announce on behalf of MWUG Manchester WordPress User Group, that we will be taking part in WordPress Translation Day 2016, by holding our own event at the luxurious Manchester building very kindly provided by Auto Trader Group.

Please come along and join us! Our event will be held 1pm to 4pm on Sunday 24th April. The event is for WordPress Users and Translators to meet in an informal environment, talk tech, eat pizza and generally have a good time. All you need is a laptop and keenness to come and get involved. You don’t need a technical background, just a love of WordPress or helping to teach others about languages.

How to find us


Auto Trader Group plc 6th Floor
1 Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN
+44 (0) 161 669 9888

The entrance to the Auto Trader building is located next door to Pizza Express and directly opposite HOME. Wapuu will be there in person to welcome you and direct you to the 6th floor where the fun begins!

The Auto Trader is a 10 minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly and 2 minute walk from Manchester GMEX. If you are coming via metrolink the closest stop is Deansgate Castlefield, via train please see below for directions from Deansgate Station or 5 minute walk from Oxford Road Station too. Parking is also available on M15 4FN Q-Park

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d1187.3516983064274!2d-2.249427891695157!3d53.47376074142835!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e1!4m5!1s0x487bb1e62b2916b1%3A0x11c254148728e69f!2sDeansgate-Castlefield%2C+Whitworth+Street+West+M3+4LG%2C+United+Kingdom!3m2!1d53.474820699999995!2d-2.2499557!4m5!1s0x487bb1e930e040ad%3A0xc22dc5024b7347b6!2s1%2C+Auto+Trader+UK%2C+Tony+Wilson+Place%2C+First+Street%2C+Manchester!3m2!1d53.472941!2d-2.246667!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1461000526021&w=100%&h=450]

Thank you to Auto Trader Group who are kindly providing the venue and to 34SP.com Ltd who will be providing free refreshments on the day. If you have any further questions or want to contact one of the organisers please contact us:

Facebook: WordPress Translation Day Facebook pageMWUG Facebook page

Twitter: @mwug

Email: mwug.translation@gmail.com

Tel No: +44 (0) 7791003310 (Siobhan McMinn part of organisation team)