Public Speaking as a WordPress User

There are a lot of exciting plans for WordPress in 2017 and we do look forward to telling you about them and hearing what you are excited about with WordPress. Thank you very Much to Jonny A and John Cooper for kicking off 2017 with their amazing January talks and opening our eyes to new ways of using WordPress, also we had a great turnout, you both did an amazing job

Photo of public speaking at MWUG at Madlab in 2017

Public Speaking

The great parts about having new speakers at MWUG is how we all perceive WordPress and use it in our day to day lives. John Cooper spoke to us in January about he uses WordPress with podcasts and how you can make a business out of this. Needless to say his talk went down a treat and we’re very glad to see you back at MWUG in February!

An often misconception is that in order to speak publicly about WordPress you need to specialise in a certain area of it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We all attend WordPress user groups for different reasons. We’re developers, designers and most importantly users of WordPress. We know what we like and we enthuse about the good parts and the parts that need improvement. The one thing we can unite on is the WordPress user and the experience of using WordPress.

It’s so important for us all as attendees to learn a thing or two about what people want from WordPress, to know we’re all on the right track together and to make sure we’re their because we want to utilise WordPress to it’s full potential. For many historic years WordPress was perceived as a blogging platform, it’s still an amazing tool for that purpose but we’re so far beyond that logic now, WordPress is much much more than that. It’s amazing opensource collaboration, a tool for building dreams.

At MWUG we like to have a mix of User experience talks and tech talks too. January saw Johnny A talk about smarter WordPress menus, this was also an incredibly fascinating talk and very good for UX. We’re open to all kinds of talks and if you want to give it go we’re happy to give you some ideas too.

So to round it up thank you to both our January speakers, you were both thoroughly enjoyable to watch and we had many attendees openly express what they learned from you both. 2017 is about actively encouraging you as WordPress users to share your experiences, how you use WordPress, what’s important to you, what you are excited about, what you like and what you’d like to see improvements in. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you to everyone who filled in our venue sponsors survey Madlab. As ever we’ll see you on Wednesday!

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