Volunteering Opportunity for Video Enthusiasts

Mike and I are working on ways of making the knowledge sharing of the group more accessible and usable for more of the community. MWUG have some awesome expertise that could reach and help a much wider audience if we create the channels to do so.

We appreciate that not everyone can get to all or regular Meetups and that even those who do attend would like to review and digest some of the content again and later at their own pace. To that end we would like to video parts of the night and publish them on the web.

We are looking for a volunteer (or a small co-ordinated group) who would like to support the community in creating these video recordings. We would need you to have the appropriate equipment for lighting, recording, editing to then post on the MWUG site.

If this is your area of expertise either professionally or as a hobby, and you think you might be able to support MWUG in this way then please get in touch with either Mike or myself through MWUG, Meetup, or our social media.

We hope you can help us create a really cool resource for all of us.

Many thanks, and hope to see you at our next Meetup – go RSPV so we know to expect you!

Saz Bailey

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