April Meeting Report

Last night’s meeting went pretty well I thought. And my talk “Just how far can you push Twenty Eleven without code” was well received. I said I would publish links to the plugins and resources I mentioned , so here goes:

In another part of the evening we mentioned backup plugins, and how to turn on debug in wp-config.php.

Another plugin that a few people expressed an interest in was CMS Tree Page View

We also mentioned StudioPress themes —  http://www.studiopress.com/ which I wholeheartedly recommend (affiliate link).

Finally, someone asked about being able to remove the original full size image after WordPress has resized it to create the thumbnail and intermediate sizes.   I thought I’d seen a plugin that did this, but couldn’t find it. I did, however find this snippet of code in answer to a question on WordPress Stack Exchange. That code could be turned into a plugin, but I would add a little extra code around it, including a check that the original size is actually bigger than your designated largest size.

If I forgot to mention something else we talked about, please leave a comment.

If you came to the meeting last night, let me know what you thought.

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Mike Little is the co-founding developer of WordPress and a director at zed1.com Limited, a web development and consultancy firm specialising in WordPress. You can find his blog at mikelittle.org and follow him on twitter @mikelittlezed1 He has been running MWUG since June 2009, and thinks having a pool of WordPress-savvy people; for learning, community, networking, sharing and so on; in the Manchester area is a really good thing.

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