Next Meeting June 16th 2010

The next MWUG meeting will be held at Manchester Digital Laboratory , aka MadLab, on Wednesday 16th June 2010. Time: 7pm to 9pm-ish.

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned WordPress user, or even if you are just thinking of using WordPress, please come along and meet a friendly bunch of people who are willing to help with problems you may have, or just to chat about WordPress.

On the agenda this month:

  • We are open to suggestions:

Please add any agenda suggestions to the comments, or respond on the mailing list.

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Mike Little

Mike Little is the co-founding developer of WordPress and a director at Limited, a web development and consultancy firm specialising in WordPress. You can find his blog at and follow him on twitter @mikelittlezed1 He has been running MWUG since June 2009, and thinks having a pool of WordPress-savvy people; for learning, community, networking, sharing and so on; in the Manchester area is a really good thing.

One thought on “Next Meeting June 16th 2010”

  1. Great meeting again last night – my skull didn’t overheat too much this time!

    Mike – is there any chance that you could post the code for the plugin demo? I would like to have a look at it again while your explanation is still fresh in my mind.

    I know this is a big ask but if it could be broken down into a tutorial and posted on the site this would be a nice resource to make available.


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